I was recently tasked with coming up with social media and blog content for a local bicycle shop. I jumped at the chance. Here is a sampling of what we came up with. The budget was limited, but I knew we could get some great assets by using iphoneography and editing all of the content in iOS. Most of the editing was achieved by using Snapseed and Over. 
Primo Corsa Blog Post

So you made the decision to purchase a road bike, and have hand-picked all of the color-matched accessories that make it "yours." Even before you have paid the dowry and crossed the threshold into the world of cycling, you begin to envision all of the amazing adventures that the two of you will experience together.

Getting into this new sport can be an extremely exciting and adrenaline-filled experience. That initial excitement could be all that is needed to get you out on that shiny new mechanical steed every spare minute of every single day. However, the first few rides will determine if cycling is the sport for you.

Ask any bike shop in the OKC Metro and they can list off a few organized weekly rides aka weekly hammerfest. At Buchanan's, we have noticed that most new road cyclists are too intimidated to show up for any of these rides.

That is why we are introducing our shop-led Monday night beginners/recovery ride. We have dubbed them Primo Corsa or First Ride. Our main goal is to ease new riders into the world of road riding, while also teaching the fundamentals of cycling in a group. This ride uses a low-traffic route, has a strict NO DROP policy and strives to keep an average speed under 20 mph.

Come out and join us at Buchanan Bicycles on Mondays at 6:30 pm.
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